1. What is a blockchain?
Blockchain is a peer-to-peer network, Internet technology revolutionary technology, using block data security and trusted network architecture, the characteristics of blockchain are decentralized, non-tamperable, consensus mechanism, distributed data storage, peer-to-peer network.
2. What is bitcoin?
The concept of BitCoin was originally proposed by Nakamoto Satoshi and was the first global decentralized encrypted digital currency.
3. What is decentralization?
There is no mechanism to control, relying on a set of decentralized initiation mechanism, and gradually write data into this mechanism, everyone maintains a database, and the system automatically sets the reward mechanism and mining mechanism.
4. What is a decentralized wallet?
The wallet is a storage and payment tool. It is stored offline. All transactions are carried out on the blockchain. The user's assets are on the chain. The user's asset information and private key are not recorded. If the private key is lost, the platform will not be able to. To assist in the recovery, you must take care of the private key and mnemonic of the asset.
6. What is a mnemonic? What is the mnemonic used for?
A mnemonic is another form of representation of a private key that helps the user remember a complex private key. The process of generating it is done by an algorithm, and the user needs to back up and keep his own mnemonic.
7. What is a private key? What is the use of the private key?
The private key is an encryption algorithm that uses a private key to encrypt or decrypt data. The private key is also the only proof of holding a digital asset. Therefore, the user needs to keep his or her private key. Once the MGC Token is lost, it will not be available for retrieval.
8. Why should I reserve a part of the miners' fees?
The transfer of the user is performed by the miner, so you need to ensure that there is enough miner fee when transferring money.
9. What is the MGC Token wallet?
MGC Token is a decentralized wallet based on blockchain technology. It will be based on the globalized ecological chain. It provides cross-border payment without border restrictions. Users can perform functions such as currency transaction, transfer payment, etc., while MGC Token Support multi-currency storage, use hot and cold wallet separation technology to provide users with a secure storage environment, and more applications will be open in the future.
10. Is the MGC Token a blockchain project?
MGC Token is a decentralized wallet based on blockchain technology. The digital assets stored by users are all in the chain. The MTC Token platform has built-in ATS intelligent wealth management system to provide users with secure storage while providing users with stable revenue.
11. What is the future of MGC Token?
MGC Token will continue to build multi-domain applications and expand global smart payment. The financial industry, real estate industry, jewelry industry, bird's nest industry, insurance industry, etc., MGC Token's mission is to build the strongest and strong foundation of the digital asset industry. Facilities, to provide digital asset enthusiasts with the highest quality, safe, convenient and efficient services, popularize the application of blockchain technology in all walks of life, open up the blockchain life all the way, leading the new era of change.
12. Who is the MGC Token development technical team?
MGC Token was developed by the AONE technical team of the Baldwin Global Markets Fund Investment Group (BG-MF) in London, England. BG-MF Investment Group created the AONE Blockchain Expert Research Group in 2015 and entered the world digital economy. AONE has made major breakthroughs in many technical fields such as sidechain technology, cross-chain technology, and super nodes. The blockchain field has won several technical innovation awards, technology research and development awards, and landing application awards.
13. Who is the MGC Token investor?
Baldwin Global Market Fund Investment Group Co., Ltd.
Abbreviation BG-MF Investment Group Co., Ltd.
BG-MF is an investment management company based in the financial center of London. The BG-MF team consists of analysts and managers with many years of management experience.
BG-MF provides personal and collective financial management services, financial and investment consulting, investment planning and solutions, and BG-MF's solutions are based on in-depth research on the company. Starting with the analysis of a company's financial statements, BG-MF will analyze the products and services it provides and evaluate its resources and expertise. The purpose of this analysis is to assess the actual sustainability of the business and possible market interest.
BG-MF was founded in 2013. BG-MF's team is all from the world's top elites. BG-MF received 5 stars in CFS and HFM in 2015 and 2016. BG-MF always insists on the famous saying of Mr. Warren Buffett, "We don't invest in companies we don't know", so that we are in an invincible position in the market. To date, BG-MF has reached 300 full-time employees and invested in more than 100 companies with a total investment of more than 300 million pounds.
14. What kinds of mainstream coins does MGC Token support?
Bitcoin/BTC, Ethereum/ETH, Litecoin/LTC, Bitcoin Cash/BCH, Grapefruit/EOS, Ripple/XRP, Dogcoin/DOGE, TEDA/USDT, will support more currency storage in the future .
15. Is the MGC Token a decentralized wallet?
MGC Token is based on blockchain technology. The first phase will be generated on the Ethereum smart contract. The second phase will build its own public chain. The main network will be online. The block data can be queried through the Ethereum browser and supported. Interacting with the IM Token wallet, the assets stored by the user are on the block, except that the private key holder is inoperable or transactionable.
16. What are the advantages of the MGC Token project?
1. Decentralized secure storage, 2. Low threshold for popularization, 3. Free access to free capital, 4. Open and transparent process, 5. Double leverage of leverage, 6. Do not hurt the long-term development of the network, 7. No Burns are not capped, 8. Do not pack in and follow.
17. What advantages does MGC Token have over mainstream wallets?
MGC Token has the same decentralization features as mainstream wallets in terms of features and technologies. Based on the original storage functions, MGC Token has created ATS wealth management services, allowing users to enjoy not only secure storage space. At the same time, you can also get the stable benefits brought by ATS, and there will be more financial DAPP applications online.
18. What is the difference between MGC Token and the market Token wallet?
MGC Token is fully compliant with the decentralized wallet feature. Users can transfer coins to various exchanges or other mainstream wallets at any time. The ATS wealth management system is open and transparent, the block data can be queried, and it can be mutually interacted with the imToken wallet. The MGC Token is a secure storage chain wallet. Offline storage technology is used. The user's data and private key are not recorded on the network. To change the device login, the identity is restored by the mnemonic to retrieve the assets.
19. When will the MGC Token decentralized trading be launched?
Building a decentralized exchange is a very important strategic deployment of MGC Token. MGC Token will promote the market with multiple functions, and it will also develop a number of blockchain technologies while accumulating user base.
MGC TOKEN will be announced on the official website in August 2019. Please check the official website information notice when you go online.
20. Does MGC Token have an international version of APP?
MGC Token will be launched globally in London, UK, and users in any country can use the MGC Token wallet anytime, anywhere.
21. How many national registrations does MGC Token support?
MGC Token supports user registration in various countries around the world, and supports 30 major national language switching, providing users with a high-speed, efficient storage payment platform.
22. What is the future planning of MGC Token?
MGC Token will launch multiple exchanges after the global launch and accelerate the circulation of the secondary market. At the same time, open application scenarios, achieve floor circulation, open a variety of built-in DAPP applications, and achieve application circulation. MGC Token will create a decentralized exchange, exchange currency transactions with various tokens, and use MGC as fuel. In the future, global users can use MGC to pay for transactions, redemption, transfer, and currency adjustment. MGC Token will build the MGC public chain in the future, and MGC will support the supply chain of more applications.
MGC TOKEN wallet ATS intelligent moving brick
23. What is MGC Token ATS?
ATS is the name of the computer program software. It is called Automated trade system. It solves the problem of manual trading time difference through ATS technology. ATS can accurately analyze the market market and can operate it above the difference of 0.4%. The price rise and fall of the city affects the purpose of obtaining profit.
24. What is the ATS high frequency quantitative trading?
It is a quantification program that uses the world's most advanced mathematical model to replace traditional manual identification operations. The method is 7*24 hours of continuous arbitrage. The trading method has two-way hedging and currency trading. Platform moving bricks, trend trading, etc.
25. What is the profit of the ATS Intelligent Finance System?
The monthly income is 9%-25%, and the average is around 10%-15%.
26. What is the minimum threshold and capping limit for ATS?
ATS minimum $100 equivalent mainstream currency can be opened, ATS is divided into three levels, a single account can open up to $10000 equivalent mainstream currency to get ATS income.
27. Is MGC Token moving brick arbitrage real?
MGC Token uses the world's top computer technology for high-frequency quantitative trading. ATS Smart can capture the spreads generated by each transaction in real time, and issue instructions to complete the trading operation at the first time. The ATS intelligent system operates without a break for 24 hours. After intelligently moving bricks, the arbitrage process is open and transparent, and the user can watch the transaction data of the background update in real time in real time, and the actual arbitrage record is real.
28. How does MGC Token operate intelligently?
In simple terms, it is arbitrage through low-buy and high-selling of various exchanges. ATS adopts high-frequency quantification technology, which can be understood as computer program software. It is not subject to the price fluctuation of the currency market, achieving ultra-high stable income, and giving part of the proceeds. user.
29. Without mainstream digital currency, how to open ATS?
Users can transfer the mainstream currency through major OTC transactions through OTC transactions, and then transfer the money to the MGC Token wallet to open the ATS brick arbitrage to obtain the corresponding income.
30. How to transfer mainstream currency to MGC Token?
Users need to transfer their money to the MGC Token Smart Wallet in the mainstream currency of the exchange or other wallet. After completing the operation, wait for the block processing. After the account is received, the user can choose to deposit into the ATS intelligent wealth management system. You can also import the 8 mainstream wallets supported by the MGC Token into the MGC Token wallet. The MGC Token will provide you with stable value-added services. Profit, compound interest doubled.

MGC TOKEN Wallet is a multi-functional decentralized wallet that integrates ATS intelligent brick moving, quantitative trading, digital currency storage and DAPP commercial application. It opens ATS intelligent quantitative trading system and obtains 9%-25% monthly income. You can deposit and withdraw at any time, the income is settled daily, the transaction data is quantified, and it is transparent and open. You can check it at any time=>【Click Here to Join Now】

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MGC TOKEN Wallet is a multi-functional decentralized wallet that integrates ATS intelligent brick moving, quantitative trading, digital currency storage and DAPP commercial application. It opens ATS intelligent quantitative trading system and obtains 9%-25% monthly income. You can deposit and withdraw at any time, the income is settled daily, the transaction data is quantified, and it is transparent and open. You can check it at any time!